3 female inspectors just joined in a row from 3 different states.

Welcome ladies.

woohoo! Welcome :slight_smile:

Don’t this this is something that should be sensationalized. but Welcome to iNACHI

Very male dominated profession… changing for the better.

I have found that women tend to be the best in whatever profession they choose, because they are always being targeted for criticism. Welcome

Nothing wrong with being a male dominated field as long as were not being old school about it…

One for all and all for One~ RIGHT~

ok im off my salt box. and besides were having a Thunderstorm so I have to power down the laptop now.

Welcome Fellow Sisters In The Trade.

I always recommend people use a Lady Realtor when buying new construction…
They do NOT overlook any of the little things a Gentleman Realtor might find perfectly functioning but have ‘scratches’ and the like…:mrgreen:

I suspect I will not want a Lady Inspector to look over my house to sell… And welcome Ladies…

what no pictures???sorry guess i’m out of line…

guess they don’t mind the b.o. after a 110+ attic like the rest of us. wait…maybe that’s just my right guard failing.

ER, OK :shock:


Or crawl spaces either.

Breaking scientific news: Men and women are different.

The home inspection profession takes more communication skills than brute strength. I don’t see why more women aren’t attracted to the profession.

Furthermore, from a marketing standpoint (and I love marketing), women have an advantage. For the most part, the general public views women in predominantly men’s industrys as having to have “worked harder to get there” and “extra” competent. I learned this from listening to children (who often speak the truth). I used to own a heavy equipment company so my kids grew up playing with actual backhoe’s instead of toy Tonka trucks. Once we were in the car and passed a young lady operating a Gradall on a road crew. I overheard my sons, who at the time were about age 6 and 9, talking about how “good” she must be.

A female in a predominantly male profession is assumed (correctly or incorrectly) to be better qualified. This fact can be exploited for marketing purposes.