3 Years New, Roof Shot Already--:)

Today’s 6,000 Sq. Ft. fiasco-----O:)----:lol:----:-({|=


Three years old and the freaking roof is shot----](,)…scrap 15lb - :blush: - Torched-Down—](,)




Parapet Wall at center where AC Units are, scupper to other portion of roof, material cracked in the center of the scupper (seam)…Leaking (only when it rains)—](*,)






someones gonna have fun with that one.

That’s a nice scupper ya got there, Dale. :roll:

And, is that the parapet wall on the ground?..Oh, boy!

Crazy huh?..damn crap they toss together, unreal—:twisted:

That roof should of lasted at least 7 years before it needed to be sealed with a reflective roof coating (in AZ anyway)…just lasted a year beyond the builders warranty…I have no idea who did all the butcher-patching----:shock:—:lol:

Well the buyer certainly saved the cost of the inspection in roof repairs alone, so he is happy----:ack!:

Was going to tell you to let the Mexicans down at Home Depot that spackle goes on walls and ceilings…NOT on the roof.

I hope you solicited the same building next door, I bet it might have the same roofing conditions.

You would think that someone could have come up with a decent way to cover flat roofs, that will last at least 20 years. I guess they don’t make money like that. Personally, I would never build anything with a flat roof to start with. Dale, you could be a Billionaire, here in Atlanta, with the heat and all of the rain we get.

Dale looks like one of those drains needs a party hat…


Oh good lord is that funny----:lol:

When I brought this up with the facilities dude he said they like it and take care of it. :shock:

On the ‘newer’ addition :neutral: the ballast was so thick someone may suffocate like in quicksand.


Wow…I have never seen a roof here with stone ballast like that—:shock:

The rocks would be so hot from the sun the tar would liquefy----:smiley:

Leaking already my friend after six months. :mad: Since the building is near O’hare, they may want to use this roof as a runaway plane ramp like a runaway truck ramp in the mountains. :shock:


How thick is that $hit Erol?

I have never see anything like it in these parts-----:shock:

I could imagine beginning to look for a leak…Krist…just get rid of the river bed and install TPO or something-----:lol:

Leak at one of the skylights. I actually disclaimed the roof inspection since I could not find the EPDM without scuba diving gear. I cannot inspect what I cannot see is one of my favorite client reminders. :wink:

This world’s largest drainage tile is about 8 inches thick!!

It was done by a paving company, right?


Jack, I have never seen anything like that in my life…I guess I been in Arizona to long…if you put rocks like that on a roof here they would melt through the roof and kill everyone in the building-----:shock: