Spanish Roofing Tiles ...Question

The house was built in 1976. This is what it looked like in the attic.
Their were a few stains on the drywall ceiling on the inside of the
house…nothing major. Is this a new roof red flag? Or is their repair
options that a roofing contractor can do?

The was allowed in the 70’s and 80’s. Tile roof over skips. Make sure there are no broken tiles,no open gaps/joints,ect. If there are valleys make sure no debris buildup this will cause this roof to leak ect. See anything that does not look right I would rec. a roof to insp…hope this helps you out.

oh you said stains…ok red flag…leaks! Recommend a roof insp then…

Thanks Brian

Wow, I have never seen a Concrete Tile Roof like that before.

Me neither.

But what I would do is go into the attic and shut off all the light and make it as dark as possible and then look for daylight. If you can see light, water is getting in.

Why? If you’ve already determined it’s leaking, recommend repairs.

A roof “inspection” will cost the client another $350 or so. An estimate for repairs can be obtained at no cost.

Dam $350 for a roof insp? I need to open an office in so cal then…thats about 280.00 to 300.00 more than we get up here…in nor cal

All day long around here!

No underlayment! That looks like an improper installation to me. I’d be recommending evaluation by a qualified roofing contractor. Also, I’d recommend structural framing evaluation by an engineer unless the seller could provide documentation showing that it had already been done. Even with the purlin bracing, that framing looks marginal.

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This was a common installation in the '60’s and '70’s in Southern CA. The roof and structure were designed and installed “per plan.” There is nothing to call-out here unless you see evidence of moisture intrusion or daylight in the attic.

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