Service size

House built in '54. Is this a 60 amp service?? I’m guessing it is. The system was a mess, however, I would like to confirm if this indeed is a 60 amp service. Thanks in advance.


Do you have a pic of the SEC in the main panel?

Many locals around here allow a 100 amp service on a 60 amp meter base. Not sure about your area but it probably is the same.

Nice job of siding around the meter and service conduit.

Our area doesn’t allow. Is it a 60 amp meter base then?

It’s impossible to give you an accurate answer based on the limited info you have provided.

It looks like a 100 amp base, but that has very little bearing on the actual service capacity.

Taken from the InterNACHI course, a round meter base is 60 amp

A meter base is not a definitive determination of the service capacity. It’s simply an indicator.

I agree with Jeff.

I was just at a house doing a pest inspection and this is a typical service around here. Even with the round meter base. 100 amp service.

My house is the same way. It is OK with local jurisdiction and electricians.

WDI 72910 003 (Small).jpg

WDI 72910 003 (Small).jpg

WDI 72910 004 (Small).jpg

WDI 72910 003 (Small).jpg

It looks like a 60 amp service but, make sure you check the service cables that come in here is a picture of an inspection I did an inspection with a home that bragged about upgrading the service to 150 Amps. Sure the panel and breaker were 150 but the service cables were for 60. The electrical was a mess, fuses were just as you started down the steps and were your hand would go if you slipped. And yes they are live.



By chance do you have a close up picture of the SEC of the panel. They look like 100 amps. (I am just guessing as I can not tell from looking at the picture)

Just because it has a round meter base does not mean it is 60 amps. (This topic has been discussed in my area numerous times by qualified professionals and in this area most locals will allow a 100 amp service with the round meter base)

Definetly some old, antiquated electrical pictured