$300 discount for staples on Wind Mit

I did a Wind Mit for one of my customers. The roof decking was attached with staples so I checked “A” on the report. I did not include a photo of the attachment. I received a call from the insurance agent and she complained that I did not include a photo showing the attachment. I explained that when it is staples, I do not include a photo because it doesn’t give them a discount.

She said that when she plugs “A” into her system that it give the customer a discount and if she removes it, his premium is $300. higher. I guess I will include those photos from now on.

Go figure… I heard that from a client once before, albeit on a smaller scale.

I always include a photo just to avoid the inevitable phone call or email.


That’s weird because I don’t think there is a discount for A…not sure what that agent was doing, but you should definitely include the photo. I include photos of toenailed rafters too. This is done to show what attributes or non-attributes the home has so everybody is not guessing or think that you missed something.

Same as Brad stated, I didn’t think there is a discount for A. However I always take the photo of the staple. Just don’t show the length of the staple with my ruler.

500 post milestone:mrgreen:

Photos are only required for things that result in discounts + elevation shots.

From the REAL form:

At least one photograph must accompany this form to validate each attribute marked in questions 3
though 7.

Do NO MORE THAN requires on standardized or State forms.

Be the King of all FLUFF if you want when doing written home inspections.

Oh I take the photo for MY RECORDS to cover my A s s but DO NOT include in the report.

YOU ALL NEED TO REMEMBER K.I.S.S. letters to live by.

Any one who gets a discount for A has a idiot handling their business and i would not wish to be associated with that crap.

Damn, I was about to post that. Beat me to it.:mrgreen:

Everybody, keep listening to Meeker, especially my local competition…:wink:

So do I…You know, a picture of the improperly installed staple…which proves nothing! :mrgreen:

A serious question as I know you are teetering on the edge…, If you already took the picture, why not put it in the report?

Just asking…

And to go deeper into the wormhole, if you had the right software, when you took the picture, it would be automatically inserted in the report so it wouldn’t take any more time. As the kids say…“just sayin”. :smiley:

Proves you got staples…:stuck_out_tongue:

Because it makes the jerks expert it then the next for it becomes a useless requirement.

Don’t F-ck with State, Insurance or standardized forms.

Prove how brilliant you all are with your written home inspections.

Those that do not get it are completely beyond hope and Fluffers of the highest order. Yes I mean that in all it’s definitions :twisted:

Improperly installed staples…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Nope it proves there is one staple there or that someone put a stock photo from somewhere else in the report.

Don’t forget to label all pictures…:mrgreen:

Your clients are the insurance companies mine are those who pay the bills.

I do what is best for those who pay me not those who send me work.

I believe my devotion is to those who pay me not those who I make things work for so they can make a sale.

That is one of the many differences between you and I.

I know you have a child, so I say this with that in mind, “It is better to lose a battle here and there, and to win the war, than vice versa”.

And, I can go back to 3 years ago where I suggested a standardized wind mit and 4-point inspection form. No one wanted it, now look what you have.

Brilliance has nothing to do with it. It isn’t rocket science. All we have to do is answer 7 simple questions. My 6-year old son can do that.

So many of you will never advance past you current situation in life because you are and see yourself as servants and suck a-ses who will do whatever it takes to get the job and kiss anyone’s a-s for the privilege to do the work at nominal rates. I have integrity. Some day I will eventually be a big dog again and you “inspectors” will still be doing the same ole thing. Kind of sad really.

Now why did you have to say that? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I still do not like your ideas in those matters. I am surprised the government has not given your Son the right to do them as well. They might as well have.

I guess they really have as they say the insurance companies can use anyone they feel is qualified to do them for them. At least you can get him a great paying summer job for a young man of his age. At that age i only mad min wage :frowning:

Because he now is mister Big Balls and runs with the big sheep. Brown nose and all.