3awg copper clad alum. enough for 200amp?

I know 2/O CU and 4/0 AL will allow 200amp. My question. Is 3awg copper clad Alum large enough? Also has anyone heard of any problems or recalls with Circle Wire and Cable Corp. entrance sevice conductor?

No way, Jose. Way too small.

By the way, copper clad aluminium in 3 gauge? That’s some weird stuff. Are you sure?

That is what i wrote down today, my picture doesn,t show it, but here it is.

Looks more line zinc coated copper

That’s probably tin plated copper. Very little copper clad aluminium wiring was ever used. You’re likely to never see any.

So you would have no problem with it on a 200 amp?

3 gauge anything, solid gold even, is way too small for 200 amp.

Looks like a really old 100 amp service that someone simply replaced the panel. With a 200 that is.

That what it is, 12 breakers, 2 empty, room for 32. No inspection tag. 200cl meter with only with only 1 1/2conduit. The meter through me off, just wanted to make sure.

Just to reiterate. It has been discussed many times that the “200CL” meter means almost nothing. They use them for 100, 150 & 200 amps services. Even some 60 amp with a meter adapter.
The 200 is just the rating of the glass meter itself.