4 more days before the licensing exam in Edmonton. Be there!

See you there Nick. Should be a good time. Staying at the hotel on Monday night so may just bump into you and Ben.

See You there.

3 more days.

Nick How long after the test will it take to get the results?

That day.

Thats awesone Nick, I hate waiting for weeks.
How many HI’s are taking it?

We will have together for lunch.

Sounds good .

Feed Ben.

Just keep your fingers away from his face when you do.

Sounds like he bites, LOL

Ok I’m here, where is everyone.

The exams went off without a hitch. Will the successful applicants names be posted?

Should be, just like the Peer reviews.

I think that would be prudent of Nachi. I will ask Ben.

Message sent!!:mrgreen::mrgreen::wink: