Three weeks until Sept 1

Only three weeks to go until Sept. 1 … I hope all Alberta based InterNACHI members have already submitted their applications to the government for licencing!! Remember that if the government does not have time to process your applications before Sept. 1, you will not be allowed to work!! Get them in now if you have not already done so…

Not only will you be shut down you will need to complete all your training and pass the tests before you can go back to work.

The required courses (which had to add up to 200 hours) were recently approved… and so they are now listed at the bottom of

You can take them all from the comfort of your own home. They are all free.

As you complete them, they will be auto logged into your unique online transcript:

To Nick, I have completed all these , will my current Inachi transcript transfer to this curriculum,is my current auto log the same log, thanks, good job.

The government of Alberta has asked us to create just one master certificate that attests that you have fulfilled all the requirements. They don’t want you directly submitting a stack of individual course completion certificates to them. So, your online transcript will be used, in part, for InterNACHI to verify the educational portion of the requirements in order for us to generate your master certificate.

Our system should make it painless for both you and the government.

Very good Nick, thank you.

Now Nick If you could post a list of courses that have to be completed to meet the gov requirements. Also a list sent to all none CMI members of the exact list of courses they have to take ASAP so they can complete the ones they need and start reviewing the completed courses in preperation for the final exam. Those that have completed the peer review will only have to complete the exams.
By defination a peer review is a review of your abilities by a peer or your future equal if you pass. In this case the reviewer is someone that has much more experience and can judge your ability to complete the inspection, compile a report and present that report.