4 point inspection agreement

Does anyone have a link to the 4 point inspection agreement that is posted below or is a 4 point agreement listed under the form section of this site?

For some reason it isn’t coming up when I click on it.

I was wondering if anyone has input on using the interNACHI inspection agreement that is already in place (for the 4 point inspection)

I know that some of the older, established, and maybe wiser inspectors in my area have opted not to do the 4 point inspections.

Any thoughts?

I do them Kevin. Why not? Simple enough for now. I really haven’t used an agreement for them. I believe there are inspectors here that do use agreements for them though. maybe they’ll chime in. I was only responding to the party of your question regarding whether anyone does them.


I don’t see a link.

I do them and use the Citizens form. I rarely do stand alone 4-points as no one wants to pay what I charge! :wink:

The same as for any other inspection.

I have a simple agreement I use…if anyone is interested email me and I will send it to you.

Thanks Bert;-)
I’ve been doing them for about 5 years now and they have been ok.

Every once in a while I’ve gotten that call about a light switch in the master bedroom closet that didn’t work. (On the stand alone 4 point).
I was just checking to see what everyone else is doing.

If I did this right, here is the simple agreement I use for my 4 Pts.

Why bother? I just put a simple statement on the cover saying I am not responsible for nothing… If ya really want to see it let me know and i’ll post. I used someone elses language and modded it a bit.


Mike, yes please! Post your agreement for 4 points. Thanks!!

This is on the cover sheet of my reports. Don’t know if it would stand up or not but it is all I do.


I guess it should say “BY” Michael J. Meeker. whoops…

Hi Ted - I just read your post on the InterNACHI Forum concerning your 4-Point Inspection Agreement, I can not locate any for this or a Pre-Listing, 11th Warranty, Annual Inspection or a Pool Inspection (agreements) either, If you have any that you wouldn’t mind sharing I would greatly appreciate it. I am just starting out. I used the InterNACHI Agreement system to create the ones available there - but they don’t any either? Thanks, Sonny

Hi Michael - I tried using the link you provided on the InterNACHI Forum but it wouldn’t work? Do you have a 4 Point Agreement that you could share with a newbee - Lol? Thx

Isn’t that the light switch to the attic light! LOL:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry I do not use them. I never hardly come here so if you have any other questions feel free to email me at mike@meekerindustries.com anytime.