4 point form pdf?

Hello fellow inspectors, the 4 point work from Citizens is really coming in now. Does anyone have the NACHI 4point form in a pdf format that can be typed on like the wind mit and roof cert pdf? Any help would be so appreciated!


James send me an email the nachi form is not necessary it is way to involved. Here is basically it. This is a little old but the questions are almost the same. Always put total amps for electrical and when it was updated if you can tell.

Thats really all a four point takes? I have been doing the InterNACHI one and wasting alot of time then… Have you ever had that rejected Mike? Do you include any pics with it? How many other inspectors are using a short form like this?

Not for Citizens but for everyone else I use my own one page form. Who knows what Citizens wants or will accept…what day is it?

Never been rejected. Just include amps and when updated if possible. I have been saying this since the nachi one came out.

All that crap does is get them to expect more. It seems that regular HI’s turn every mole hill into a mountain. I am not trying to offend but that is what I see with every Insurance inspection I see Hi’s do.

A 4 point is not a mini Home Inspection.

I got my first draft from a State farm employee. It asked if electrical meet codes. I refuse to say that so I omitted it.

I have never had a problem, I put some representative photos for each section and that’s it. Never had a problem with Citizens either. The only issues I have had has been them wanting to know when electric has been updated. If you say the roof is shot then they normally make the clients replace it.

Citizens will begin 4 point reinspections in March for all policies. The requirements are similiar to the Nachi four point

That will get real interesting.

I can see clients hiring us before then after Citizen’s has their re-inspections. :smiley:

And as short and sweet as I keep it, still there is nothing I dislike more than doing 4 points.

Seeing as most inspectors do them wrong in the first place, this should be interesting.

I tweaked the Nachi report into my own version. Still 3 pages, and most of the data is the same, just my own information at the top. I know Citizens is going to require more than a 1 pager come March, so I’ll keep using it. It’s in PDF form, so the data enters right in. Takes less than 10 minutes to fill it out and hit print. No big deal.

Did you get a memo on that? Just asking as I am subscribed to them and I don’t remember getting one.

I use the NACHI form, modified.

Four point

Memo schemmo, he has an inside contact :slight_smile:

Does anyone have this in a pdf form that the information can be typed in like the wind mitigation pdf and the citizens roof cert pdf?


James I tried to send you a private message. Do you know you cannot receive them?

I have a modified nachi 4 point. It is for use with OPEN OFFICE ( like microsoft word)
It can be typed into with 4 blank pages at back for photos.
If you want a copy let me know


I made/use a .exel & then save it as a PDF.
You can add your compant logo & NACHI copies course completion cetificates (Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC).

I have a version in Microsoft Publisher 2007 that you can add your logo to if you want it.
Here is a version to use as a template in Word as well as the NACHI logo and logo for the footer.