4 point on a duplex?

Hey guys,
I got a call to do a 4 point inspection on a duplex.
I have done a lot of 4 points, but only on dwellings.
So I had a few questions about doing one for a duplex.

  1. Can I perform this inspection with my HI license?
  2. Can I use the internachi 4 point form?
  3. Should I fill out 2 forms. One for each unit since there are 2 panels, 2 water heaters, 2 A/C Etc or just combine both on one form.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You guys are always so helpful.

Never use the asinine nachi 4 point and charge twice your normal fee :slight_smile:

What area do you work in?

I use one form. Label photos with unit # …unit A main panel, unit A water heater etc.
Defect photos and form answers should also be labeled by #.
Use the you or the ins. agent prefers

Never lable photos not necessary and a waste of your time and then makes the idiots at the insurance company expect it.

Only do what is good for YOU and your CLIENT.

Only do what is good for YOU and your CLIENT./QUOTE

Mike: Did it ever occur to you who you are working for ?? You are so focused on the insurance company, you’re forgetting about the Client. Maybe the Client would like to know what they are looking at in a given photo. You know, I know and the Insurance Carrier hopefully knows. But this isn’t the Homeowners business, they might like to be schooled what a Clip or Wrap is, it is their home…

Agree. Especially in the current environment homeowners in Florida are feeling pinched with insurance rates so a report that has a little detail speaks volumes. When they get the report they are less likely to say wow, what did they actually do?

Great! Thanks guys! I ask a question, eat dinner with my family and have an answer before I’m done eating! Thanks for all the great responses. I really appreciate everyones help. Mike, I am based out of Lake Worth. You’ve helped me out a few times before when I had some questions, so thanks again. And you said never use the natchi form but what form should I use? or should I make my own?

Make you own or use a version of mine which is a traditional 4 point form. Sry I do tend to forget who is who but always try to help the clients and inspectors even as you know my competition :slight_smile:

Greg I take the time to explain everything in the report to the client onsite and how it may impact them. I do not get complaints :slight_smile:

What Ed said.

Yeah what Ed said :slight_smile: