4-Point Inspection Form Template

Will appreciate if anyone can provide me with information on how to get access to the latest 4-Point Inspection Form Template. Thanks in advance.

Where are you at?
Here is the Citizens… I created it fillable…
There maybe some errors…OK? …Probably not.
Like it or not ! This is it…
Citizens 4PT 2018.pdf (434.8 KB)

Let me know if it works for you.
I truly hope this helps you out…Yep!
Make sure you set the securities on the PDF before you issue it, so no one can change your info.
It is an open doucement…Yep!

In addition, Welcome to the NACHI forum.

Roy, Thank you. Yes I was able to open it and works for me. I am located in Orlando. Do you know how I can go about adding pictures to this form?

[quote=“rlewis5, post:2, topic:154564”]Goofy 4PT.pdf (65.2 KB)
There maybe some errors…OK?

No errors here ha ha… … … just the truth! :poop:

On the last three pages, click anywhere above the text boxes, then add the pictures.
After you are done, PRINT as PDF. It reduces the file size as well as securing the file.
If you do not have a pdf print driver, search for one, most are free.

Also, Roy, when you go to add the address, the calendar opens up.

Thanks I fixed that . Here it is.
Citizens 4PT 2018.pdf (434.7 KB)