4 point requested

Does anyone have a citizens 4-point they can share or send me? I have one and it is sometimes rejected by e-mail providers. Does anyone else have that issue? I’m thinking there is an issue with my form.

Try this one.

What is your email address? Its is too large for an attachment here.

Apparently the idiots at citizens have a problem because I have heard of the issue before. Sometimes they think a document is secured when it is not. They are to hard headed to fix it on their end. Likely print to pdf “may” fix the problem.

Look a few threads down and you will see several forms provided by John Shishilla that should take care of your issues. Thread is called “Wind Mit, 4-point & Citizens Roof Cert forms available for free from John Shishilla”

Even with John’s forms, and any other PDF with XML coding, you still have to flatten the form before you release it to your client via email. This is done by using a “print to pdf” utility program.

Most agents can’t upload anything to a carrier if it’s over 10 Megs.

Drop Box the file and send them the link .


Send me an email to: homespector@gmail.com and I will send you the auto fill PDF that I use. The pictures are re sized automatically so that the file size stays around 2,000 KB. I’m having trouble with attachments in Nachi mail.


You need to print all pdfs to pdf before sending.

If your 4 Point report is over 10 MB, you have the resolution on your camera set too high. I got a new camera a while back and it would not go below 5 Mpixels unless set at vga. I found that my wind mits were 45 to 50 MB when I did the digital signature and over10 MB when printed as a pdf. It seems that Adobe inserts the photo at full resolution.

Now I downsize all my photos to 1 Mpixels before I put them in the report. My wind mits are now about 2 MB.

a way to resize them is to acting like sending them by email with outlook then it asks if you wish to resize. then just drag and drop once it does it.

My camera is already set. Was just relaying some info to anyone who may not know.