Four Point Form

Good evening guys,

Do any of you have a fillable PDF version of the new Citizens four point form WITHOUT the Citizens logo on it?

I would like to start using this form for all of my four points.

If not I will probably make one myself, just checking to see if the leg work has been done already.



See attached.

If you want, I can make that a picture box so anyone can add a logo.

Thanks Eric.

You Da Man!!!

It would be cool to be able to add my logo to the form but if its too much trouble this will do just fine.

Again thanks a bunch.


Make a jpeg of whatever your logo is, then save it. Click on the citizens logo and insert the jpeg. Then, save the document. Now the form is ready to use and save.
The jpeg has to be the length and width, or close to it, to look proper.

Eric this would be perfect if you could somehow erase the words about Citizen’s at the bottom of the first two pages as well… Is this possible?

Appreciate it as is and have been using the form you generously shared last week already!


OK! :mrgreen: