4 point inspection metal roof

I’m an HI inspector in FL and wanted to know how others handle the 4 point question of the roofs age when its a metal roof and there is no permit? The home was built in 1945 so if there is no permit, assume that the roof is original? I’ve only inspected a handful of metal roofs and its tough to gauge when the dwelling is 76 years old.

Do you honestly think metal roofing was available during wartime??


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Maybe you need to review the guidelines. Your comment does not seem to be kind insinuating that I should know about war time building materials, your definitely not improving the conversation other than to feed your superiority complex, and if this is considered constructive criticism, it was a question, not an idea. If you don’t have a relevant response, don’t bother responding.

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Have any photo’s?

Based on your info it should look like this
covering material: metal
roof age: unknown
remaining useful life: 1-3-5-7-,etc years estimated (whatever you think)
date of last roofing permit: unknown
date of last update: unknown

Welcome Hans! :cowboy_hat_face:
Jeffrey replied & did what he is known for, he tried to make you THINK.
He was right on based upon what you said. Consider retracting your reply.


The oldest metal roof I ever saw was lead, from 1921. That roof lasted almost 100 years. If this is a painted metal or aluminum standing seam job, I kind of doubt the roof is original.

Should be pretty easy to pick up on historic aerial photos, though. When I have no info, I review the historic aerials. 95% of the time I can at least nail the decade.


The point I’m trying to make is these type of replies are counter productive and do not help anybody. If he truly intended to help me, he would have asked questions. The reply stays.

He criticized your idea. And he did help you. Well, it helped me. I started considering the availability of a metal roof in 1945. Which then led to the conclusion it is likely not original. So, I asked for a photo. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The help is coming. i.e. @mgoldenberg


He did ask you a question.
Trying to help you help yourself instead of getting a quick answer that will not help your education.
You’re acting like some type of used house salesman… … …


Great advise, thank you.

I guess the issue is more along the lines of the 4 point inspection form itself. I’ve had a hand full of 4 points kicked back because I didn’t put the age of the roof on the form when I could not prove the real age via permitting or other city/county websites. Regardless of your skill level as a home inspector, roof age inspection is subjective and I don’t think we should have to put the age on the form if we can’t prove it. Thank God for the ~ symbol, I guess.

His snide question obviously did not help me with my “education” and who are you to judge me with your used house salesman comment? Do you think that helps my education with your childish name calling? Be constructive or don’t bother replying.

Sorry honey, but don’t tell me what to do.
Obvious to me you have issues but who knows, you most likely don’t know your self. You’re the failed used house salesman, not I.
I started out trying to help.

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Your license allows you to approximate the remaining service life regardless of the permit status.

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