4-point inspection

While doing a 4-point inspection, I told the client that the breaker box had 2 open spaces without circuit breakers and that they needed blank caps put in. The client did it himself, he took before and after pictures and emailed them to us. Now, Citizen’s Insurance is not excepting it because a licensed electrician did not do the work. Does anyone know if this is true?

I wanted to add to my previous question about the blank circuit breakers spaces. Today must be electrical day! When we inspect a home that was built in, let’s say 1940 and it has circuit breakers, and the clients cannot prove that they have made updates to the electrical, we state on the 4-pt inspection that upgrades have been made but the year is unknown. An insurance agent told told me today that we have to estimate an age…Does anyone else do this and is there a way to estimate the date beside looking at the condition of the system??

I think there is something else there. Just resubmit the four point with corrected or updated information and they should have no problem taking it. I would call another Ins. agent and ask them. I have done many of these and if an item does not have an age/year it comes back every time.

I’m sure they are looking for an estimated year for the panel upgrade. If you get within 5 years you should be fine. Quite often the panel was upgraded when air conditioning was first added to the home.
I have also run into the licensed electrician issue to confirm electrical repairs when GFCIs were added. I always suggest to the client that any Electrical repairs are performed by a licensed electrician. That way they can submit a copy of the bill to the insurer, which I have also heard were challenged occasionally.