4 point question

I did an inspection on a 100 home, no suprises.
submitted the inspection and I get a call form the insurance agent demanding that I amend my report, when I asked why she said that I did not have a date for recent electriacal upgrades, I explained that there has been no recent upgrades for as for back as 30 or more years.
She still wanted a date of recent upgrades.:smiley:

IMHO recent upgrades would be 10-15 years what do you guys think?
Greg, Joe you out there?

I draw the line at around 10 years and have not had a problem, who knows this insurance inspection thingy seems to change daily. :smiley:

I think you should report what you find.
Nothing more nothing less.

I am assuming the the underwriter wants some assurance that the electrical system is safe and does not contain outdated wiring or methods.

Hey Bruce,

I would state that I was unable to determine when upgrades were performed.

Don’t feel bad Bruce,

I have an agent that keeps having the report returned. She keeps calling me wanting to know what to do. I keep telling her to contact Loren but she never does. Now the client doesn’t have any insurance. These things are getting stranger everyday.


I have had this happen before. They are looking for a year (1970) rather than 30 years. So give them what they want. Say before 19-- and leave it at that. If they try to pin you down farther than that, tell them you cannot do that without receipts (which no one will have). By the way, is this Citizens??

HMM!!! this is becoming a Hot Item in CA. 4point inspections required by the underwriter. Unless ive just been missing something…Any CA inspectors want to elaborate?


We give an approximate date of any major system upgrades. If it appears original, thats what we put. If the electrical outlets have been replaced and the service panel is original we mention it in the report… that the homes electrical outlets have been replaced and “Wet” area outlets are GFI protected, however the home has the original panel with a 100 amp service.

Paul, thats great that 4 points are becoming a hot item in Cal. They are a great source of additional income. I rather do 6 - 8 four points a day than two home inspections.

I am using the 4 point for the first time and have a couple questions about filling it out.
On page 4 Other comments - Reads

  1. "Are there any deficiencies which need corrected? " Is this for the Insurance company to fill out after reading the report or is it a summary page of pages 1-3 ?
  2. Do I ask owner when repairs will be made ?
  3. Who verifies repairs have been completed?

It seems the insurance company would determine which repairs it wanted completed before issuing a policy.

This has probably been answered elsewhere but I can’t find it.
I am trying to do this inspection Sunday if possible.

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Hi Ed,

I put this comment in number 1.

No defects other than noted in the four systems inspected.

Number 2 and 3 I leave blank. I have never had one come back yet because of anything on page 4.

I leave that off unless there is something that I believe needs to be repaired. Safety issues will appear there, like exposed wires, cover plate missing that kind of thing. I do not put FPE Stab-loc, al wires or missing GFCI there. If you write something there they will most likely have to repair it before they can get insurance. Many may disagree with me on some of this but you are not doing a whole home inspection or a code inspection. I hope that helps.

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I posted this hoping to get a reply some time soon, then immediately decided it should be in REPORT WRITING so I deleted it and reposted.
But Greg and John are answering faster than I can delete!

The best 289.00 I ever Spent!



FYI - Loern is no longer at Citizens

Thanks Bill,

He has been gone for sometime. I have the e-mail of the head underwriter now.

I had to write him a few months ago about an agent that felt I should show the electrical system as upgraded because the owner had installed GFCI outlets. He confirmed that just installing GFCI outlets was not an upgrade to the electrical system.

If your could get a list of what they consider an upgrade that would be great. I know inspectors that are putting a partial upgrade if the GFCI’s have been installed and the underwriters are accepting them. We have no protocol for what is being accepted or not accepted.

I recently had a condo (yes I know-a condo) failed because there were no upgrades. I asked the agent (not Citizens) what they would require for the client to upgrade to keep their insurance and they could not give me an answer. In this case, they dropped the client, which was crazy - the unit was only 30 years old, but the insurance compnay requested the inspection - looks like another ploy for them to back out of insuring cleints.

4 point reinspection question.
I did a 4 point recently and on electrical there was no kitchen GFCI so I noted it.
The water heater had romex entering top of unit thru bare knock out with no romex clamp, so I noted It.
The agent and owner got a letter stating coverage would be canceled because of no Kitchen GFCI, No mention of water heater wiring!
Agent contacted me to reinspect GFCI after it was installed.
Does this reinspection require an electrician to sign off or can I do it?


You should have no problem doing it.

What is normally charged for a 4 point inspection & is there a market for this service in Colorado??