4 Point Inspections on newer homes

I was just asked to do a 4 point Inspection on a 2006 home. The frantic client said two insurance companies told her she needed a 4 point Inspection before they could insure the home she is closing on next week.

Have requirements for a 4 Point Inspection changed with insurance companies on homes 30 yrs or older?

I just heard State Farm requires 4 Point Inspections on homes 10 yrs and older.

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Insurance underwriting standards change all the time.
Lately, many of my clients are getting letters demanding additional insurance reports, even newer homes.

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Yes, they actually have and in Florida it has happened even more just because of electrical/hvac

With Central Florida, especially, having so many FPE, Challenger and Sylvania panels, they have made it very common even though I have not seen a house outside of the 80s have the FPE panel for obvious class action lawsuit problems. It also depends on the area. I was told those close to the coasts may have more requests to ensure that when they insure a house it is sound and can weather what it should

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Just did one…same thing…At least they still accept the Citizens form.
I remember saying 10 years ago that eventually, the insurance companies would start to require 4 point inspections on every home. Looks like we are getting to that point…

Just curious, how long does a typical 4 point take?

Generally 45 minutes to an hour. Depends on the size and complexity of the home.

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That depends…
I have heard of some, that take 15 minutes.
Citizens has a program, where the homeowner takes the required photos, and the report gets submitted.
My stand alone 4-points take at least 2 hours…
On the other hand, when doing them in conjunction with the home inspection, no extra time. :slight_smile:

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