4 point inspections?

Are people doing 4 point inspections all over the country, or is this just a Florida thing?

Hi Scott,

It is primarily a FL thing, but insurers nationaly are looking more and more closely at what they are insuring, in all likelyhood your own home has been “inspected” by some one working for your insurance company, I know my own former home in Mass (4 years ago) was subject to a “drive by inspection” when I changed carriers.



I amsure it is coming all over the U.S.

4-Points are where it’s at. I rather do eight 4-points a day than two home inspections any day.

Hopefully they will take off in every state. Great filler work between jobs and lower liability IMO.

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Someone told me InterNACHI had a form/template for 4-point inspections. Im in Colorado and got a request to do a 4-point. Im not really sure what’s expected/required from the insurance companies within the four categories inspected (number of photos, specific info, format, etc). Today is Sunday and the inspection is tomorrow morning. Any info or direction would be greatly appreciated.

There are some general (or universal) 4 point forms floating around, but you should reach out to either the client that requested the service, or the insurance agent, to verify what they expect. Some underwriters or carriers have a certain form, or specific list of items, along with a minimum number of photos (pix of each exterior elevation, 2 of the roof, one under each sink, electric panel open & covered removed, HVAC system, etc.)

Example here

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4-Point Inspection Form - citizensfla.com

This is all you need, just print it out.
and here’s a video

Also if you use inspector pro, they have it so you can load the pictures.
It’s real pretty simple. If not print just print out the min pics you need.
Good luck

4-Point Inspection Form - citizensfla.com, look at my post below, I meant to post reply to you.
Just print this out. and here’s a video to help.

Also InterNACHI 4-point-v2.tpz

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Here is the Citizens 4 Point… All insurance company’s will accept this one…
Citizens 4PT 2018.pdf (437.1 KB)

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Dennis Bonner is a good guy.
We have referred each other over the years.

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Thanks for the help guys!

I received the form from the insurance, through the client.

I’m a little unclear what “exterior elevation photos” are. Is that just the grounds?

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The exterior sides of the home.


Good contribution there, Roy!

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