4 point requirement

At what age of home is a 4 point required? Is it different for different insurance companies?


Typically around 30 years.
I have had 4 point requests on newer homes though.
I think the ins. industry is building a base line on residences.

It depends on the insurance people but many realtor types push them without having any idea.

Usually 30 years. Have done some homes that were under 30 since Citizens has been requesting 4 Pts when a prior sink hole issue was involved with the property.

Every company can be different. Usually 30 years, I believe State Farm is 10 years. If the house has been vacant, then thing will change also.

Some require them on a foreclosure no matter the age.

So far I have been told a 4 Pt is needed if 30 years or older, Foreclosure, Bank owned, sink hole claim on file, short sale, the agent says so…or if the day starts with a T…Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow, Tadderday, Tunday…etc. Hard to keep up.


That’s consistent with the program here;-)

Yep, got a call from a insurance agent asking me the life expectancy for the wiring on a 4- point I did??? And yes all standard life expectancy questions were answered including the updated panel, bla bla bla.
It’s like WTF??
I told her until it’s burned down or bulldozed… She said " I need a life expectancy on the wiring and your form doesn’t have it. All other inspectors I’ve gotten reports from with list this."
After many other words with her, she stated that she was going to tell the client that I was not capable of providing he with an acceptable 4-point. I amended the report to 10 years on the wiring.

The moral of the story is don’t waste your time arguing, energy or get your BP up trying to explain common sense to these uneducated pencil pushers.

Maybe we could legislate for these people to have some sort of education certification.

Yea, that’s gonna happen!!!

I recently had an agent ask for the life expectancy of a 1978 HVAC unit I ran across - I replied “I don’t know - Minus 20 years?”

Thats great what was the response of great future teller :slight_smile: