4-point inspections

Understand there is a new 4-pint form and I am curious, please educate me. Is this for citizens only or the total industry? Where would this new form be available again please?
Bill Smith

Citizens started Sept 1st. It is available from Citizens and Florida Inspectors Facebook page.

It is only a SAMPLE of what should be in a Citizens 4 point form. I am sure all agencies will accept it but that would be doing your clients a disservice in MY opinion.

I will not even do them for Citizens any longer because I hate having pissed, unhappy people as clients. I have seen a great many people particularity the old get screwed by Citizens especially after they turn in 4 point inspections when their coverage has accidentally lapsed.

Thank you John for that info.
also, good points Mike, I haven’t done or used a Citizens 4-point in years.
I will not insert incorrect info on the insurance inspections but I do lean to the favor of the clients. I have also verbally informed clients of possible issues when I was requested to do a 4-point and recommended that they consider correcting the issue and call me back to issue their report where they did not have a problem with renewal.

John. just tried to link over to the site you posted and it was not available tome. I am involved with the Florida Inspector site on facebook.

Just reviewed the new Cit 4-point. quite detailed for a 4-point basic. Downloaded it from the cit site.
Pricing will have to elevate and I plan to stick to the generic old form unless obviously it is specifically for Citizens or requested by a underwriter.

Good morning Mr. Shishilla,

I tried using the link you posted for facebook, it did not work saying info wasn’t available at this time.

Is there a page for Florida inspectors ?

I am new here and curious to know if there are any Central Florida Groups for Home Inspectors ?

Thanks in advance for any help !

Try Johns facebook group. Florida Inspectors Public Group | Facebook

It is for citizens and anyone will accept it, but I use the Tower Hill form and most will accept it. I would never do a citizens 4 pt.

I’m with Roy & also will NOT do the new requirements for CITIZEN"S insurance company. Any other company fine for at least $150.

It isn’t worth the time or money to do a 4 pt for them.

Yup! Plus they are crooked as hell!

does citizens insurance go by any other name? im just wondering if someone tells me they have “so and so” insurance, but “so and so” company happens to answer to citizens. hopefully this question made sense.

Yes it does…Last Chance.
When they can’t get insurance with anyone else they will havta go with citizens.
Be it because of the area like flooding for one. No one else will insure them with the exception of citizens.
And in Florida we all pay for the dumba*sses on our own premium that have to go to citizens… It is the last ditch effort to be covered…
IMHO it should be dissolved. Quasi government property insurance…

Yup, well said.