4 point inspections

In Florida an inspector is not supposed to open electrical panel or air handler covers. If I can’t open these how do we do a four point inspection

Who says an inspector cannot open an electrical panel?

It didn’t sound right to me either but that’s what they are saying

i open em

Who’s “they”?


Probably the contractors

I open them as well. As a Conspector it is in my sop and against my coe not to do so.

Where can I find exactly what is expected from a 4pt particularly
in the electrical department?

Everyone makes up their own. Go to my sight and there is a sample add amps and when updated if you can tell. That is all that is EVER needed.


They guy who did not know what a TPR valve was and has no idea how to decided if the electrical is sufficient for a home is giving out advice:shock:.

This is why inspectors/contractors have a bad name.

Nachi has a four point form use that one it is accepted by most. Every insurance company has different requirements.


I am satisfied with the answer I gave on the report and was wondering what others might do. I am always looking to see how others do things.

Many home inspectors take a simple insurance inspection and turn it into a mini home inspection that takes way to long to do and gives insurance agencies info they do not need and have yet to request. Please feel free to do as you like. I am your direct competition and still offered you the advice that works for me. I got my first 4 point inspection form directly from a state farm agent and have never had a problem except for when they want to know when something was updated. If you want to waste a lot of time and money do it any way you choose. Good Luck.

If you look at the form, it states only a visual inspection. If so,
then I shouldn’t be determining if there is open grounds or etc.

Correct… At least I do not and nobody ever asked for the info. I am sure there are those that tell you they do it but it has never been requested from me. Remember who your customer is.