Four Point Inspections

I have been looking on here for information on this type of inspection. I have connections in the insurance industry and would be able to get work performing these inspections. I didn’t see any course for this type of inspection can anyone explain to me what a four point inspection entails. What forms are needed to complete the inspection? Do you have to have a GC to sign off on this inspection? Thank you ahead of time for any information!!

Most companies accept internachi certified inspectors. Make sure you passed the electrical course and put your nachi number and electrical certified on it and you should have no problems. InterNACHI has a approved form but for my uses it is way to involved. you can see my sample at

it works almost every time. Some times agencies wish additional information and every company is different. There Is no universal 4 point inspection that I am aware of and all inspectors I know make up their own. Keep it simple. It is the only inspection that the clients wants you to do a bad job on because when you find problems the insurance companies make them fix them. I personally hate doing them but I offer what the clients want. Contact me anytime with any questions you may have. Good Luck. :mrgreen: Btw most companies want to know the total amps. It is not listed on my form I just write it in on line 1 of the electrical section. Put the year updated in each section if it can be determined.

Hello., my name is Andrew Turner of Etiquette Home Services, a four point inspection consist of Roof, A/C, Plumbing, and Electrical you can e-mail me at for any more questions

and check my website

What does what the client want have to do with an inspection or the report? INACHI has a report that it’s inspectors can fill out that as far as I know is accepted. That it will be accepted in the future if scumbags fill it out in a manner that is not honest and determined by the client be it the insurance agent or the homeowner only time will tell, actually I think not. People without ethics will do unethical things.

Brian You are a fool. Clients wish there to be no problems and when there are they are pissed and I almost always find problems with 50 year old houses. That is why I hate doing them. I like to have happy customers not pissed off ones. I always report what is true and I Have yet to have a customer be happy they have to fix something to continue with their insurance providers.

With your attitude I bet you have a lawyer on speed dial. :smiley:

If you are referring to how I am with Brian it is with good reason if not I have no Idea what you are referring to.

I have been doing 4 point Inspections for 4 years now. I was one of the first in my area. I have back then made my own form to use and give to the clients. It is basic easy to read to the point. Never had one kicked back from the thousands I have done. Nachi has one form but I think it is too involved too much info. Keep it basic to the point all they want.
Email me I can send you a copy. Then you can make your own. Best once completed is to have them printed as a 3 color carbon 1 page form. So You can give them the top 2 copies one for there insurance agent one for there records and bottom is for you to keep as records.

I completed one in a home in Daytona FL in 2006 the yellow home owners copy was left in a drawer. It was forclosed on in 2009. In November new buyers with contract on the home found it called me and asked for a new copy. LOL I said Sorry that inspection is 3 years old BUT I can come inspect it again for you. I went out 3 hours later collected 150 and went home. Please Please do not charge any less. They will pay it and more if we all keep our prices up.

Good Luck
My Link to Info on 4 - points you can just copy and paste info almost every inspector already has. LOL

The form that iNachi uses is the one they agreed to with Citizens of Florida. I use two types. The iNachi one for that and my own one page form that I got back probably ten years ago from a Nationwide agent who called and asked me if I could do it. At that time I had never heard of a 4 Point as it was apparently something new. After he explained what they wanted and told me he would provide me with a crude form to fill out I said sure. Basically, in those days it was an abbreviated home inspection. In fact in those days they were not concerned with the entire HVAC system, only the heating section. Apparently there were some homes in parts of FL that did not even have AC. I asked if I could use their form, they said, go for it and we cleaned it up and had them printed off at our printers in NCR forms. I give them the original and keep one for my files. Unfortunately, we now have people basically giving them away for less than 50 bucks and the insurance (especially the independent agents) use them because they are cheap. You will always have lowballers around, they come and go because they eventually go out of business, burn out and start to raise their prices and the agents go to the newest lowballers in town. Been watching this happen for years.


I agree with most everything you said, great advice.