Citizens wants date of upgrades

Any help on this, I have a 4 point on a 1959 build house. it has a newer GE breaker style panel that was installed “recently”. however the city in question has no record of the permit.
any idea if estimating the date based on the panel labels will be acceptable? or any other ideas on dating the upgrade?

I always just estimate for a four point. What else can you do? But then again I don’t do many four points since I hate them so much. I’ll bet most panel upgrades don’t have a permit.

I estimate as well…I figure if I can’t fingure out when, how can they prove me wrong…

Sounds good to me!

10-15yrs good condition

When I run into that, I make a guess and in the note I state that the upgrade date is estimated. That way I have told them that I really don’t know for sure.