4 Point/Roof Cert Question

When conducting these inspections on a residential structure in which has a primary and secondary roof, do you report conditions of a secondary [patio] flat roof that is not a portion of the interior air space?

I always note all roof surfaces.

me too

Me three.

I do if it is tied into the main roof or a living space.

If it is a porch or patio and not a living space and is attached to the wall or fascia I do not.

Me four

Well, it begs the question if it is not tied into the main roof and does not protect the interior surfaces (ie a acreen patio roof) does the 4 point need to include it as a point of contention?

I say on the four point all roofing sufaces need to be addressed. On the wind mit if it is not a part of the roofing system which when torn off by wind will tear off other parts of the roof then it doesn’t matter. Two different forms, questions and answers. The roof cert has to apply to all surfaces. So me 5,6 or whatever.

Me five…