Do roofs that only attach to the fascia belong on a 4-point?

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I’ve heard conflicting answers on the question stated above? Do roof’s that only attach to the fascia belong on a 4-point report?

The one in question is a metal room, that covers a screened in enclosure.

I dont typically, unless it is enclosed with finished space. Because at that point, a roof leak may lead to an insurance claim. If not enclosed, then I do not include.

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If it isn’t attached to the truss system I don’t.
See attached…
Hip & Non-Hip Roof Calculations.docx (108.2 KB)

But he is asking about the 4 point, not the wind mit.
If it has finished space below, the insurance wants pics of the secondary roof

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So you wouldn’t for a screen in enclosure, correct?

No, I dont. Just make sure you have the exterior pics in the report showing the enclosure, and then if they ask about it, you can always add the roof in. I have had maybe 2 insurance companies call me in the past 3 years asking me to add that roof as the secondary. And I have a feeling they were rookies.

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