Roof cert, flat roof?

I understand on the wind mit if a flat roof is not structurally attached you leave it out. But what about on the roof cert form under secondary roof section? I would assume you leave it off, but I just want to make sure.

On the roof form, it doesn’t ask if it is structurally attached or not. It asks for main and secondary roof coverings. So, I would use both roofs. The only roofs I don’t use are the metal roofs over patios, lien-to roofs, etc…

The newest form form does not ask for secondary roof, only predominate roof, unless no one is using that form

Me anything over or tied into living space I describe condition.

Huh? Care to share this new form? Sounds like the OLD form to me.


This was taken from Erics web site. I am sure he does not mind me referencing it. After all, it shows up on the first page of a google search. It is dated 9/12.

Old form there Mr Siegel. I’m sure Eric will take that off now.

my mistake