4 Point Roof question

1953 house - no roof permits found

How would you write up this roof on a 4 point?

There’s some newer shingle, some okay mod bit, some alligatored mod bit, patching and another section (not in pic) that is basically done.

And what’s that candy cane vent?

Is the vent for a furnace or power vented water heater?

List all defects and what you see and I would say less than 3 years expected life based on what I see.

That middle section looks like a roof over. Not allowed. 0 life expectancy. Reroof

I would tend to agree somewhat, but it’s not a roof-over by definition…it’s a patched repair and it appears to have a negative slope back into the gable section. There are two different flat roofs there and need to be separated on any inspection form.

Did you notice the shower drain taped on the end of that vent?:stuck_out_tongue:

There’s actually 4 separate flat roof areas which are at varying heights, plus some metal also not shown.

I was not able to get in to the house as the owner was a no-show. I’ll be able to find out what the candy cane is tomorrow when I go back out.

I would not have did anything until they were there.

I see. So is that common to not begin a four point until owner arrives?

I bet Meeker can answer that one

And that roof is toast IMHO

If that was a separate roof, or 25% of the roof it needs to be replaced according to the Florida building code. The code also does not allow for a flat roof to be roofed over. Either way, that area needs to be replaced. this is one of the reasons I do not due stand alone 4 points. It only aggravates the homeowner. I let them all call my competitor down here. He passes anything and everything. Let him have the headache when it leaks. Anyone want to guess who that is.

Depends on new client or old. Old I would start New better be there waiting.


Hey Bill,

Please send me that guys info so I can help out the clients I personally am not willing to help in that manor. I will not share or acknowledge where I go the info but I have many folks that need his services.Thanks in advance. Iam glad there are folks like him out there willing to risk there *** for the clients because I feel they normally get the short end of the stick and i am not willing to risk my means of making a living.

We can make him rich and get a test case at the same time. Win Win for all of us here :slight_smile:

There’s actully more than one. Some even belong to this organization. The ones who depend on insurance agent leads are the worst. The problem is most people up for renewal do not care what needs fixing. They just want insurance. These guys write what’s ever they need to ‘pass’ the inspection. Sooner or later they will go down.

Can’t tell you how many inspections I have been on that had a 4 point that showed nothing wrong and they turn out to be a mess.

Well that implies that he would be known to the group…

I know it ain’t me cause I CYMA on that stuff but do tell. Or at least send me the info so I can send him clients who really need a break. I say the guy that started out saying everything for $50 but has moved it up a bit since then.