Bad Roof

Guess I upset the Realtor when I said budget for a new roof. Could not find anything good to say about this roof. He asked me if I was qualified to make such a statement.







Tell Mr. shoot the messenger realtor:
“I hope I can help you too someday”.

I know right? when you can see from the ground defects and vegetation growing in the soffit that has rotted through you don’t think there is a problem? I don’t think anyone needed me actually there to point out the obvious but then again maybe they did.:roll:

Wayne, what was you thought process on recommending a new roof. I see loose starter strip, a section of possible buckled deck, and water damage from a satellite dish install. What am I missing, please educate me.

To many pictures to post. What I posted represents the entire roof. Hardly any shingles were sticky. Vent stack flashings were not attached, low spots and soft spots indicate deck damage. It’s all in my report.

Thanks, I figured we didn’t get the whole story through those photos.

The other thing is this is Florida. This home requires a four point inspection for insurance. They are much more critical. If this roof does not have a three year life expectancy then it fails period. So my comments may be on the far end of things but if a roofer can repair it once they determine the extent of damage then good on them. Home Inspection reports must coincide with insurance requirements.

Deal killer:mad:

That’s where the issue is for sure