4 Point vs Home inspection

they use us sometimes, no big deal

Peoples Trust also accept my wind mits and 4 points regularly but they have told me they have their own folks.

I believe People’s Trust may be the insurance branch of the Mortgage Lender.
Have never heard of any other insurer requesting a copy of the HI Report. Once an insurer gets hold of a report it will give them more ammo to decline writing the risk.

I advise my clients not to share the HI report with their Insurance Agent as the Agent has a fiduciary duty to the Insurer to disclose. All the info the Agent needs to know is what is disclosed in the 4 Point.

There have been several insurance companies requesting the inspection report of foreclosures. They also want to see the items on the report repaired.

So, is it OK if there own Rapid Response team performs the inspection? Are they licensed to do so? Or are they not calling it a Home Inspection when they are doing it?

The insurance company is the ones taking the risk they can hire whoever the heck they want. If you owned an insurance company what would you do? I believe it is foolish of them to accept inspections from anyone that is not on their payroll. Sucks for us but that is how I would do it if it were my company.

They have a list of preferred inspectors. If you use one of them, you are not charged. If you use your own, they you pay for it.

If you do not fix what they find wrong, they drop you, which is what happened to my brother.

He ended up getting Citizens insurance, which worked out better as it was cheaper.

We do at least 10 of these a month for single condo units. Filled out on 1802 and we do gain access to roof for pictures of roof surface and attachment of A/C units if they are up there, as well as MT scanner on the concrete roof deck at the roof hatch. Never have much of an issue being allowed roof access