Attention Insurance Company Employees

If you are from an insurance company please answer these questions.

When I am at you clients home doing a 4 point inspection and I find many things wrong why do you suggest that the client calls your inspector?

Are you trying to put yourself out of business?

Is it not in your benefit to know of the problems so you do not insure something that is going to fail or would you rather close your eyes get you commission and let the company worry about the loss they took because something was insured that should not have been.

If the guy that does your 4 point inspections never reports or “finds” any problems then maybe you should call me to do them for you. Isn’t it your duty to at least try to get an accurate inspection? How can you sleep when an inspector finds problems you just send out a guy that will look the other way. Is that any way to repay a company that provides you with a job

The same goes for Wind Mitigation Inspections If one guy always seems to send you reports with the best things checked off maybe you should get a second opinion.

The questions above stem from what happened to me today. I was called by a client to do a Wind Mit, 4 Point and a Citizens Roof Condition Report.

As I was doing the 4 point inspection and the client realized it was not going well she decided to contact her agency. At one point I even suggested she just pay me for the roof condition report and the wind mit even though I had done most of the 4 point. She insisted I continue even though I told her it would not be favorable because she did not want to pay for another one later. By the time I was done and explained her roof would likely fail as well she to my surprise paid me in full and told me her agent was going to send out their own guy. Needless to say I headed straight to the bank to deposit the check and could not help wondering why would an agent screw their own company?

I understand what you are saying. I had a home that was over 50 years old. The house had an additional panel added to the exterior that serviced the ac system and the original 60 amp panel that was in the kitchen within 3 feet of the sink. I wrote the service as being inadequate and noted that the panel was over 30 years old and in a poor location. The underwriter at citizens told her that the service was sufficient and that the location of the panel wasn’t a factor. She called me back repeatedly wanting my to change the report based on what she told me the underwriter said. I told her that I would not change my report. She refused to contact an electrician. Based on the report and her inaction her policy was canceled.

She paid by credit card and disputed the charge. I tried to defend myself but lost with the card company and they took back her payment. Then she filed a complaint with NACHI looking for me to lose my membership. She still sends Nick and I an email about every three months wanting to know when I am going to lose my membership. Thank goodness we were not licensed then as I do feel that she would have filed a complaint with the state. That is why I hate doing four points and only provide them on houses that I do a home inspection for.

4 Points are the worst and the agents seem to be making matters worse. There is a guy who does them for $50 I think and I think he is a Nachi Member.

Heck maybe he will do mine for me at that price and I can make a little on them too and not have to do them anymore.

I may just call him and see if he is interested.

I am a little confused. You called it out right, the agent said what you called out was not a problem. Why was she cancelled? I dont get it.

Someone also posted on here not too long ago that Citizens said that 60 amp service was the minimum requirement. Dont know why, but they should accept it if that is their “rule”.

I do very few 4 points, especially if I inspect the home. I always advise my clients tha what is in my report will be in my 4 point. I tell them to use the insurance guys inspector and then when there is a porblem, the client can sue him, not me.

Good question. I asked her that when she kept calling. The insurance underwriter wanted my report to state that the service was adequate. I told her that the minimum acceptable by today’s standards is 100 amp. Based on that and the location I was not willing to change the report. My feeling is that Citizens wanted me to take on the liability, which is something that I was not willing to do. The house had many other electrical things that needed to be corrected also. I have a feeling that she just hired a handyman to perform those things (exposed wiring. no GFCI). That is probably who added the exterior panel also.

Underwriters have to ability to accept what they deem fit. I never change something because they say so. If they want to accept it then they can, I do not make their decisions for them. If he felt it was fine then he should have approved it.

It seems to me many of the problems that we inspectors are blamed on stem from the people in the agencies sending soft people over to do inspections so they get the sales.

Kinda like the “I didn’t get insurance because of your report” statement. I tend to reply that it is not my report, but the condition that caused your insurance to be cancelled or denied.

I make sure to point out that we do not do a “Pass or Fail” inspection, only report conditions - what is done with this information is up to the recipient of the report. The same as with a full inspection report for a buyer.

My problem is with the agents saying hey use my guy because they know he will pass it. They are screwing the people who give them a job for a tiny commission.