4 Point vs Home inspection

Insurance company requiring full home inspection instead of 4 point before issuing coverage on house. Any one else seeing this happen?

No…Most of the ins.agents, lenders, don’t even want to see one. At least the ones that I have dealt with.

I have done a few, I forget the insurance company name though.

Yep…I have the letter.

I bet they call the rapid response team :slight_smile: I would not even do it for an insurance company.
It really like they are trying to get someone on the hook.

Did those letters and requests come after a 4 point inspection was already performed?

No, my brother actually got a letter just like that.

No, but recently I have been getting requests from my clients who are purchasing condos for a ‘Wind Mitigation Certificate’ when they go to purchase content insurance. I am having the client research the exact form the insurance provider is seeking, I’ll keep you posted as it is the 2nd time in a week.

They are also requesting wind mits to get content insurance. If the association doesn’t have a wind mit on file, then the insurance company wants a new one.

Like I said the the buyer… Which form?

For an individual unit, they wanted the 1802.

Yep…a couple of times this year…non last year. I attribute this to clients,realtors, and or ins.agents not being able to get in touch with the H.O.A. and telling the client to just get a new one…wind mits are included in my home inspections. Need to get that insurance off to the loan officer pronto syndrome.

I’d like to understand the liability a home inspector incurs when he issues a wind mitigation certificate (B1-1802) on a condo which is part of a larger structure, or in this case a middle unit with no attic or roof access.

Furthermore, my condo pricing does not currently include a Wind Mitigation Certificate, and we all know that access in many condos is not readily available. The lack of standard access would make it difficult for me to pre-price wind mitigation inspections for condos the way I do for standard homes inspections where attic access is usually not an issue.

I’d be curious how you would verify everything and provide photos, besides hurricane shutters.

I have been asked to do these, but, it never materialized. The association “found” whatever the client needed.

Perhaps John or Preston could shed some light on this as I think they do the commercial version.

Ooops maybe I should clarify…townhomes not condo’s. Sorry

I was curious what others are being asked. This is a 1991 house and ins.agent wanted a full home inspection report. Just unusual.

The Rapid Response Team offers home inspections?


Are they licensed to do so? Or are they not calling it a full home inspection when they do it?

Sounds Loco to me…But that means nothing.

They send one of “their” inspectors to do the inspection. You can have your won done, on your dime. If you use theirs, the inspection doesn’t cost you.

This is very disturbing.

It hasn’t really taken off as the letter posted was from 2011. As far as I know, they were the only company doing it…for now.