4 x 200 amp breakers connected

I have recently come across 4 x 200amp breakers all connected as the main breaker. What would be the service amp in this application. Thanks

A picture would be a BIG help.
My ITE/Siemens panel has a breaker that “looks” like it is four breakers but it is actually a factory piece that is essentially two 100A main breakers installed in parallel.
It says “200” on them.

Does it look like this:



That long breaker (that looks like four breakers on one handle) is most likely a 200 amp breaker.

What is stamped on the breaker (whether one pole, double pole ,etc) is the overall amperage capacity of that breaker per leg.

That particular breaker is just a much larger breaker…but it’s still 200 amps. The handle that ties the breaker sections together are marked for amperage of the breaker per buss section it controls…this is a Code requirement. So again, this breaker has two 200 amp sections, it’s just as much longer breaker.

Could this be a 3 phase service?

Possibly…but very unlikely (three phase services are rare in any home except by a special request. If the homeowner went thru the hassles of getting 3 phase power, then there would be at least 1 or 2 three pole breakers in there to justify the need and expense.

If you go outside and look up at the incoming service wires (provided it’s an overhead service and not an underground service lateral)…you can tell by counting the wires tapped in at the weather head. If you see two black wires and the silver neutral, it’s a single phase. If you see three black wires and a neutral, then it’s definitley a three phase.

If it’s an underground service lateral, look up at the street pole…if you see one transformer, it’s single phase. 3 transformers, it’s a three phase.

Thanks for the info…the picture that was posted was an accurate representation of what was in the panel. You guys ROCK with the info and I truely appreciate it…i coulndt find anything on the interenet!

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