Brain toot

I’m having a brain toot here. What’s with the 4 main breakers? It’s just a std 110/220 v, single phase hookup. Maybe I’ve just not seen this particular model of GE breaker before, I don’t know.

The four breakers make up the single service disconnect (the handle tie will usually have the combined rating stamped on it) of typically 200 amps or more.

Standard residential, single phase 120V/240V.

Yeah, I guess it’s just been a couple of months since I’ve seen anything greater than 150 amps or so. I checked my photo records and see several other installations just like this. Like I said, just a brain fart.

Mike, despite the confusing labeling, I think you’ll find that is four 75-amp breakers tied together in pairs making a 150 amp disconnect (not greater). Those SEC’s certainly aren’t rated for 300 amps. Siemens normally labels the handle-tie on their quads but I’ve seen this GE set-up before…usually with all four labeled 200-amps.

Interesting…I think I’ll stop by the local electrical supply house and have them show me a couple of examples of this. I’m glad I wasn’t attempting to ‘size’ this service, I was just interested in the breaker setup more than anything. In this case, you can see each breaker is labled 150A and I didn’t notice anything different on the handle tie but there could have been. I can’t tell from my photo either. So, bottom line is that this would appear to be a 150 amp breaker, period.

I didn’t realize there were pictures in the original post (I can’t see pictures posted in that manner), otherwise I would have directed my statement in line with the photos.

Sorry Mike.

That’s also interesting. Can you see photos if they are attached like this?


No problem Jeff. Is there another photo posting method that I should be aware of?

I’m not sure how you’re attaching photos with the ATTACH code, but I use (and can only view those that use) the “Manage Attachment” button.

If I know that pictures are attached using the ATTACH code, I can use a “back door” to view them, but it’s a pain. . .

Hmmm…that’s the method I use. After uploading the photos using the "Manage Attachments’ link I click on the Paper Clip icon and “Insert All”. That does insert a small version of the photo in the post. I’m not sure how to just insert a link to the photos. Maybe that’s how you are able to easily view them. I’ll experiment some more.

I don’t have the “insert all” tab you are referring to. That must be the issue.

After upload, I just close the window.