40 hour field training for new HI applicant

Anyone know where an applicant can get the required 40 hr field training without the complete course fees? I’m confused - Internachi offers FREE pre-license course but wants $1899 for the 40 hr field training which includes 80 hr course and a free membership thru AAA Construction School. So if you get the 80 hrs of online study FREE, the 40 hr field training is $1534 ($1899 less $365 membership).

Anyone know of any cheaper alternatives? I’m trying to help someone who would be a good HI and wants to OJT for a couple of years.

He can call one of the InterNachi instructors in Florida. I think he needs 20 hours classroom and 20 in the field.

Miami-Dade College has a complete course including field training and the 120 hours classroom work for about $800 or less. If you live nearby it can be a cost effective way of doing the training. Only negative I think is the scheduling. Sometimes it works other times not from what I hear.

what would you charge John?