40 hour, hands-on, Inspection course at NACHI.TV studios in Colorado on December 1-6.


Who’s teachin this Nick?

I don’t know who the instructor is. The school is a South Carolina state approved core licensing provider.

All trainer biographies are listed at: http://www.trainingforinspectors.com/trainers.html

Thanks Wayne!


I was told by a friend that you teach the commercial course for kaplan schools. Is this correct? I was also told that you are a very good instructor.

I want to attend the course in Rochester but it is not offered, any idea when the Rochester course will be offered, and do you teach there?


I went to a 21/2 day course in Colorado that Nick set up. Mike did a really good job.

This course… Home Inspection Essentials for Success has been rescheduled to 12-17th of January 2009 due to logistics and current events. We hope to have a successful and helpful event.

Check it out at: www.trainingforinspectors.com