50 Amp Subpanel Installation

Hello all. I am new to this forum, but joined because I have some questions about a sub panel I had installed a couple weeks ago. I had a highly recommended and licensed local electrician install the sub panel with 2 additional 20 amp outlets.

The sub panel is in my garage which is attached to the house. The main breaker is directly on the other side of the wall the sub panel is attached too. The main breaker is 125 amps and the breaker for the sub panel is 50 amp.

I have posted a picture of the sub panel and wondered if there was anything wrong. Mainly the neutral bar having both the grounds and neutrals attached. I purchased additional breakers, wiring, and outlets because I am going to run 2 more 20 amp 115 volt outlets and one 20 amp 240 volt outlet from the sub panel myself. The electrician wanted to much money to add these additional outlets. I wanted to find out if anything was wrong with the sub panel before i did. I was concerned because Ive been browsing around online looking at pictures and reading forum and have been getting mixed answers. Some people with similar setups say its ok for the neutral to be on the ground bar and some say it is not ok. I would love to have a definite answer if anyone has one and if it is not ok. How can I add another bus bar for ground.



You should find another qualified electrician to check this immediately.

Unfortunately he says a licensed C10 did this install. It looks more like a test panel for an HI to find the errors.

ground + grounded conductor = a “sub-panel” it does not make.

Didn’t this thread have photo’s?

Strange, they are gone from this one too.


I based my initial response on the photo which is now missing. That had some scary looking violations. :roll:

They were bad enough, but supposedly the installed was a licensed C10 in California.

Wrong reason to join THIS forum…recommend you seek out a forum where licensed electrical contractors hang out…or better yet call one for a consultation.