$50 Light Bulb

On sale this week, hurry while supply last. :mrgreen:



Idiots in government:

“The bulb that won the 2011 US Department of Energy’s ‘Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize,’ was available from retailers for $50, and the company said it was planning discounts to bring the cost down to as little as $25-$30.”

It will be no different than IR cameras…You know, the ones that used to cost $10k and are now under $2k.

Or laptops that used to cost $3k or more. Now they are 100x faster and only cost $300.

Give it time and more manufacturers will be making them bringing the cost down to a reasonable price.

Big LED breakthrough

I’ve been using led bulbs for several years. There is a decent selection available and I purchase most of them at Lowes, menards and home depot. They go on sale all the time and I get them for about 9-10 bucks usually. I hate CFLs and wouldn’t spend a dime on them. They are usually rated at 20000-50000 hours which gets you 7-20 years.

This bulb is a day late.