Home Depot Steals

If you have a Home Depot near you and are interested in converting your house to LEd there are some AMAZING deals now, at least in SE Florida.

I got 7 HIGH QUALITY and really bright Daylight bulbs for $.01 a piece. Today I got a bunch of floods and gu 10’s for $5.25ish a piece daylight and bright white. Daylight is by far my favorite. Average expected life 22.5 years. You have to look around as I believe all have been discontinued items and the table or end caps have bee near the other bulbs. The GU’s are normally over $20 a piece and the others always $9.00 to $20.00 each.

Good luck and happy hunting :smiley:

I am probabally about %80 LED now :slight_smile: :smiley:

Gonna check that out, thanks Mike :slight_smile:

Anytime :slight_smile:

Great deal, have to check that out

Yep They are going fast. I bought all the daylight and bright white 60 watt equiv indoor type floods for fan or can light fixtures and could have used more. The little gu’s are great for the bathrooms and makeup areas. Those bulbds in LED that are worth a crap are always over $20

Great deal, you should see a little difference on your energy bill.

Can make a big difference depending how many light you use. I did this in a 3 bdrm house with a 100x40 barn and saved significantly.

I heard that, I wanted to look into changing my house to LED, however with the bulbs being about $20 a piece I kinda turned my nose up at it. But I’ll check the clearance end caps at Home Depot. It I can pick up some LED for under $10, I wouldn’t mind.

That is the key to find them reasonable. I went to 3 or 4 stores today and bought all I could use. Cheapest I have seen online from china direct or something was close to $8 per typical 60 watt equiv standard shape bulb. NO IDEA how well they work. Home depot you can always return. CREE is cream of the crop but you will not find under 9.99 ish. The little ones at 5ish were the best buy not counting the yesterday buy at .01 a bulb. I started out on the outside of the home with lights that stay on all night. I expect big savings from that alone.

I’m going to check tomorrow, for a penny I’ll buy a lot up. You know that is probably once in a lifetime.

Yeah it was someones f up look for the ones with NO PRICE tag and check the price on the self checkout. I am pretty certain because the guy I asked the price said oh I cannot sell this you have to talk to a manager. I asked for it back and went to self checkout where it rang up at .01 and even had the lady there check other products and since it rang up as that I was good to go :) I think it is in the master system wrong but I did not find those products at any other store today because I went hunting :) They were discontinued so was another item I was interested in but there was no price on it so I definitely got lucky at the .01 price but the 5 ish prices were ligit for what they had and I do not believe was a mistake. I bought all the small floods I could that was the wattage I wanted.

Talk about steal!!!
What about all those stolen credit card users data at Home Depot recently???

Doooooh :frowning: Hope they do not get me. I get the con men from india calling everyday now. I have fun with them it is great. Call from 202 a lot always a computer, irs, or student loan issue. I know they are out to get me now because I constantly f with them :slight_smile:

Costco has had good deals on LED recently.

I’ve converted most of my house to LED.

LED works so much better than CFL. Much brighter lights.

That’s a great deal! I hate those CFL’s and would love to change to LED’s. I just hope they last as long as they claim. Most of the CFL’s don’t last as long as they state.

Yeah I think at bj’s about the best deal I could find way around 2 for $15 but they were ALL SOFT WHITE which really means f-ing yellowish which I hate especially as a photographer because they throw color cast on everything and f up the way I see colors on everything. They especially suck in closets because you can’t tell your nice un stained clothes from work crap :frowning:

Hey I do not know about you guys but I will tell folks that they do not need bulb cover because they will not break like old ones and you do not have to call haz mat like compact florescent ones.

I got burned with that. Visa cancelled my card a couple days ago because of fraud attempts on it. So now I’m without a card for a week to 10 days. I can’t buy any light bulbs. :slight_smile:

That sucks :frowning: