$500 HG contest: Post your sample HI report generated with HG and win $500.

Best HG sample report (IMHO) wins the $500.

If you can’t figure out how to post it, email it to me at fastreply@nachi.org and I will send you back a hyperlink to a PDF for you to post.

So the report must be in PDF?

Nope. You can post it anyway you want.

HG Services users simply make the report “Public” and copy and paste the link.

Like this one…which doesn’t count in the contest:


click on the pics to see hi res expanded pictures

Use the floating content bar as your buyer and agent would discussing your inspection comments.

Whats the deadline for entry.?

I don’t know, at least a couple weeks.

I’ll give it a whirl - I inspected this one a few weeks back:


This will be the sample report for my new website.

Al in CT

Here’s mine sample

I’ve never used Homegauge before. Is this contest open to trial version users too?

Only 2 takers… Hmmmmm

Looks like a heated competition.

Here’s mine,


We can split it 3 ways :wink:

Al in CT

Perhaps lack of interest is because there are no rules and no announced Judge .

Does the Judge base winner on most disclaimers or least to provide a clean report?

Most pictures providing best detail or fewest because more is fluff ?

Does the winner need to include video and all the HG options because it shows off every feature ?

Must it abide by strict SOP and which SOP ?

Can a Texas Inspector win with a forced checklist format ?

Will the Judge simply base his or her decision on which looks closest to theirs ?..after all we totally think we have the best format and template .

FYI, some pulse furnaces had recalled heat exchangers. :wink:

It’s best watermark. :wink:

Going to leave my opinion on the reports out of this however will say one thing.
I immediately had to convert all reports to PDF so they were readable .

That Report Host online look sucks as it is too wide a format and gives a narrow view forcing too much scrolling to see anything.

I have a 27 inch screen hate it.

Full screen look…PDF looks much better.

There are no rules and I’m the judge.

FWIW, with the “sample” I entered the person ended up not buying the house. I’m inspecting another one for him this morning at 11am. Whether or not my sample wins here, it already has with my customer :slight_smile: :wink:

7,000 sqft house today, then leaving for vacation in Florida tomorrow, we’re celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary down there, and maybe coming home with a new (inspection) truck too…

Al in CT