6"PVC next to foundation

I inspected a house that has a 6" PVC pipe coming out of the ground from under the foundation. It has a screen on on opening and sticks up about 6". I have no idea what it goes too. Any suggestions

Downdraft cooktop exhaust fan?

Vent for a whole house trap maybe?

Any pics?

Could it be for radon ?

I would go with the downdraft kitchen exhaust. I have installed Jenn-air island units which vented to 6" pvc under the slab.

Need images.
Sounds like mechanical combustion make up air.

Count the vents needed on the home.:slight_smile:

IDEA: I count the vents I see outside prior to entering the home.
Mark them down on your checklist if you use one or a note pad and place a geographical reference.
Envelope and Roof: 2 PCV louver vents East, no vents West, Plumbing vent & flange. 2 bathroom vents North, South.
Best of luck.

Toye, I know you expressed yourself improperly I feel. never guess. If you do not know say so. No issues. I see things I can not explain after 30 plus years of building.

OBSERVERED: What appeared to be PVC pipe protruding from the ground at the , east west, north south side of the home on the lot.
LIMITATION: We could not determine if it is/was in use and what system or component it was for.
RECOMMEND: Ask the seller or the sellers agent for disclosure.
You can drop in you HVAC SOP at the end.

Limit your liability please. We as InterNACHI certified home inspectors do not guess.

Young, I really don’t need your constructive criticism…it means nothing to me. I’ve seen some of your posts…so keep your comments to yourself.

I was merely suggesting that downdraft cooktop exhaust is likely what is present, since I have experienced this personally on a kitchen remodel I did. I never guess on my own work. If I don’t know, I find out, or defer if not apparent.

Merry Christmas


We all inspect defiantly.
I turn on any mechanical venting assist and check for exhaust at it point of exit or observe to see if louvres are moving.

I am perplexed though, I did not realize builders vented under slabs and place a vent pipe on the lot.
Thanks for the info.