60 AMP service?

I found this weatherproof enclosed 60 AMP circuit breaker in the crawlspace. The conductors coming out of 60 AMP breaker went to 100 AMP main breaker at service panel. I am trying to deterimine if the service is in fact a 60 AMP or if it has been upgraded to 100 AMPS.

The 60 AMP breaker states:

Automatic trip is indicated by handle position midway between on & off. Restore service by moving to off and then on.

It appears in the picture that the handle is in the ‘midway’ position and the home has power.

Could this 60 AMP breaker be bypassed and the service is in fact 100 AMPS?

Thanks for your advice.



That whole mess is an abortion. Don’t worry about how many amps it is. Just figure out some home inspector lingo to relate the fact that they really need an electrician PDQ.

Phew, thanks I was sweating it a bit… :shock:

I did refer to Electrician :wink:

Electrical system is a cluster f…um, I mean, has multiple problems. Identification of the number of defects present in this system is beyond the scope of a generalist home inspection. A licensed electrician should provide a full and detailed evaluation and list of all repairs needed for this abor…um, system.

How’s that? :mrgreen:

“Estimated amps = 60 to 100, Unable to determine”
Unsafe to remove that under-trailer cover with the power on, lying on your belly.
I would have checked in the area of the meters if it’s a trailer park, that’s where you’ll find the real main breakers.
The size of the service conductors to the panel inside gives you a clue as well, and in a perfect world, they’d be matched to the breaker. :stuck_out_tongue:

I estimated 60 A for a trailer one day, then on the way out, checked the meter cabinet, found a 50 A main in there. The neighbours had 40 Amp service!

Pictured: a better than avg hookup, rated for 125 A, it’s 100A service.

07-14-08 019s.jpg