600 amp single phase service

Under const. 10k sf under roof, pool, boat dock, outdoor kitchen

Note the small meter conduit, uses 20 amp meter with current sampling.
The meter has a tag that says multiply reading by 40.

The large panel had an anti-tamper tag present so no pictures of inside.

Yes, this is called “single phase” which is commonly referred to by industrial types as “2 phase”.

sept10 040 (Small).jpg

sept10 040 (Small).jpg

sept10 041 (Small).jpg

sept10 040 (Small).jpg

This is not a “2 phase” set up and anyone calling it that is incorrect.

The meter is fed from “Current Transformers” (CTs) which encircle each of the main conductors and, in this case, deliver 1/40th of the actual current to the meter. Such arrangements are very common for large residential / commerical / and industrial applications.

I whole heartedly agree.
Single phase is single phase.