These two Links were just shared with me by my underwriter and thought it would be great information to have.

9 Volt batteries if left unprotected in a drawer or bag can cause a fire.
Put tape on the 9 volt battery.

The Missouri Association of Building Officials and Inspectors just presented this information to warn people.

You Tube: Kids and Character Fire Safety Introduction - video 1


And don’t ever carry a battery capable of a high discharge rate like NICADS or Lithium ion in your pocket with your keys or other metal objects.

Don’t ask why I know. :wink:

Is that because you are checking out my LinkedIn comments because that has happened to me Michael. Also all someone needs to do is take 2 nine volts and lego them together to get instant heat. Not recommended to do though.:shock:

It has nothing to do with you kevin.

Personal experience of mine and a co worker from years ago.

I was the luckier one.

I did it the other day with a 9 Volt and had change in my pocket, things got a little heated up to say the least LOL…

I know Micheal it just sounds strange as that was how I commented about this 9 volt issue. Not related!:mrgreen:

Been there done that lol

Somebody’s gonna call BS on that because it’s never happened to them…


Had a 9 volt heat up with coins . a new type of HOT POCKET lol

Thanks for posting this David. It’s a little ironic the battery came from a Smoke Alarm.

Have seen 2 fires started as a result of improper disposal of batteries. Not limited to 9 volts…one was a fire in a electronic recycle center. They would put all the coin lithiums in a large bin under a desk. Batts made contact and heated bin to the point of ignition. The other was homeowner who placed old batteries in a plastc bin. Heated and melted the bin.

I once had one get hot in my pocket, shorting on change…