Bad habit with batteries!

Lately I have gotten into a real bad habit of putting my extra camera batteries in my pocket so that they are handy while I am doing an inspection. I learned that if you have a bunch of change in your pocket as well, that it often forms a curcuit in your pocket. It’s amazing how hot a pair of AA batteries can get in your pocket! I have a nice little burn on my upper thigh now, but I learned my lesson. Time to modify my camera strap to hold batteries.

I keep them in the package they come in…I actually had them get hot on me in the car. Similar circumstances. The possibilities are kind of scary.

I don’t put change in my pockets.

Keys will do it too Been there done that.

I’ve had the same problem Wayne at one time. Talk about a burning sensation.

Maybe we need to find one of these.

I’ve had the same issue in the past. It is surprising what will happen. My fix was to get a better camera that didn’t require the battery to get charged as frequently.

Try a can of pepper spray going off in your pocket, That will smart. Back in my biking days, I used to carry a can in case I got chased by dogs. Thing went off and I had a red stain, and a … irritation for a few days.

I use small plastic zip lock bags. The one pictured is a ‘Pill Bag’ that you can get at the drug store.


good thing u didn’t have a hole in your pocket

OUCH :shock:

frigging painty waists…

Wow, does that bring back memories. I burnt my leg doing the same thing years ago.

I will never place batteries in my pocket again.

Jim thinks you’re full of sh*t.

Bet Jim thinks the world is flat too because he can’t see it for himself. He sound’s like a real ( * )hole to me.

Hey wait a minute. Is that Russel Ray’s wife/husband or whatever? Sorry Russel. :mrgreen:

I do a large number of Draw inspections and REO inspections every week. When I first started taking digital pictures I would go through 4 AA batteries every 2 or 3 days. I picked up a set of 8 rechargeable batteries from COSTCO along with a charger for about $25. I have used it for more than a year with no problems. I keep 4 in my camera and 4 in my right pocket with nothing else metallic in that pocket. Works like a champ. Add change to that pocket and you will get a hot pocket.

I did the rechargeable scene for a while. After leaving 2 chargers and 2 sets of batteries on site, I quickly determined that for me, rechargeables arnt cheaper.

I have several sets of rechargeables that I rotate for my camera. Solved the lost charger problem by not taking the charger with me. But I carry a spare set in the camera bag as well as many regulars of all sizes in my inspection bag. In a plastic bag to prevent shorts.

I was having problems a while back in that the batteries for the camera would only last through one inspection. If I tried to do another inspection, they would die shortly into the inspection. I tried the rechargeables but they did not last much longer and on one inspection, I had to use 3 sets of batteries (charger went screwy on me). I switched to the lithium batteries (more expensive) and now I can do 4 to 5 inspections on one set of batteries. I occasionally have to go back out to the truck to change batteries but not very often.

If you have a Sam’s Club in the area, the lithium batteries are considerably cheaper.