90 day warranty services

Anybody using these 90 day warrenty services for residential home inspections? Im noticing these services on other inspectors websites. Waist of time? They cover plumbing, mechanical, and structural problems that come up for 90 days after the inspection. Any input would be appreciated.

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Hi, this company is offering those services: http://inspectorservicesgroup.com/

Those who don’t use them will say it’s gimmick and worth nothing and those who uses it normally don’t say much so not everyone start using them and steal their thunder.

From the research I’ve done, many of the larger inspection firms offer those guarantees. I think if you are new and need to stand out, it will probably help you.

Something you might want to look into is Nachi’s “Buy Back Guarantee”

Hope it helps.


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Offering the warranty is supposed to make you stand out. But if everyone else is offering them too, how does that make you unique? And then I’ve heard that if you don’t offer it, you don’t care about your clients. Do some research.

The reason many inspector services group followers aren’t saying anything is because of the contract they sign prohibiting bad mouthing the company without repercussion/lawsuit.

I don’t see why they would bad mouth them if they are using their services? The only one bad mouthing them are those not using them. I’m not saying they are good or bad, I haven’t used it but these guys are using them:



I haven’t commented in any of these threads for quite some time. There’s nothing prohibiting me from doing so. There are many lies these guys spew and that’s one of them. The reason I stopped is that I realized I was arguing with losers. The several guys who love to come here and bash the service do a fraction of the revenue I do. That’s why I don’t comment any more. These threads are blood in the water.

Junk is junk.


If you want to buy these 90 Day Widgets, add the cost into the inspection fee, and then tell consumers they are “Free”, or if you want to use the clients personal information to buy these 90 Day Widgets and then tell them they are “Free” that would be your choice. Each Inspector has to look at how they want to run their business and what perceptions they will leave with the consumer.

Some Inspectors will try to lure consumers with the junk and others just don’t bother with the junk and instead sell themselves and their services. These 90 Day Widgets are nothing more than another poor attempt at liability control for however short a time frame they last. Many of us choose not to participate in these 90 Day Widgets and instead perform exceptional inspections to help reduce our liability and actually provide consumers with a good inspection instead!

But, here you are.

I was an inspector and cost to cure estimator for a warranty company back in the 90’s. I wrote up 10 to 100K damage reports.

It was the rare day when a warranty buyer ever got money as there was always a clause that allowed the warranty company to refuse to pay. I found out later few if any of these warranty companies paid out.

Fast forward to today I think after the government went after these shysters that some companies do pay warranty claims but I would guess most are not worth the paper they are printed on. I will assume that Home Services Group is the exception and treat people fairly, then again who knows?

Bottom line for me is its not my business to sell another companies services to my clients but I agree its the business of the inspector if they choose to.

Thanks for all the feed back. For me at this time, I think I’ll pass. I need to concentrate on providing good honest work for my clients. The research I have done on these companies hasn’t been a good review. So I quess I’ve answered my own question. Thanks everyone.

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These warranty services is in my opinion a scam… I have shown several of the warranties to Experts and they laugh at them…

Consider that one companies “Sewer” warranty does not cover clogs or pre-existing conditions and only normal wear and tear that occurs within 22 days of the Home Inspection… The warranty only costs 8 bucks but some so called Home Inspection Companies present them as being a big deal.

Hardly a week goes by that I do not hear or get asked about the problems that these warranties is causing for our industry.

I feel strongly that any Inspectors that use these warranties is giving our industry a black eye.

I am using the warranty’s as a marketing tool against so call Home Inspectors. By exposing the fakeness of the warranties to agents and Real-Estate professionals many are distancing themselves from Inspectors that use them. I suggest we all do the same thing.

Good Inspectors evaluate and over think everything and are very opinionated… So do your research and voice your opinion…

You are correct, even Nick Gromicko himself numerous times has posted here that these warranties are useless to your clients.

Those that do use them and stick up for them also have no problem wit selling and releasing their clients private information. They are the ones that try to turn it around and make it seem like the ones that don’t use them are somehow inferior when in reality they are really the scum bags releasing their clients private info and as that gets known to the public it is harming the industry as a whole for everyone, including themselves. Sad but they are brainwashed and cant even see that far in font of them.

If you need to give away acme useless gimmick to your clients to get their work, I suggest you look more closely at your business model as most Good inspectors don’t have the need for these gimmicks.



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Set your DVR it’s Sharknado week… :lol:

Consumers are getting smarter and realizing these 90 Day Widget Warranties and other so called warranties have no real value as opposed to having to surrender their private information to get them. Since consumers are the only ones that are harmed by them they are the ones that need to stop them. They will and are already by passing up the Inspectors who try to make more money off of them by selling their private information to give them these trinkets.