980 Questions/Answers to the NHIE....Free!

I appreciate this post, end of last week I sent my state application in and am currently waiting (… and studying) to hear back on when I can schedule my test. After reading some of the horror stories on this forum in regards to the NHIE my wife and I were discussing purchasing their study materials as well. After hearing of your success I will use the “Tyler” method and buckle down with what InterNACHI provides.


Tyler Vogt

Welcome to our forum, Tyler!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please email me the 980 questions for the NHIE at Heyabbott37@Gmail.com. Will these test questions be useful for an exam in South Dakota?

Would you be willing to email me the 2014 study guide? Heyabbott37@gmail.com

It is not available as a pdf, only a book. It is the size of a phone book

Okay, thank you. After reviewing this forum I went ahead and purchased the recommended study material. Do the books have the 980 questions /answer or do they not really exist ?

The books have practice exams. An actual list of the test questions does not exist. The test constantly changes. It would be different if you took it 2 days in a row.
Good Luck with your studies!

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What books have the practice questions? I have the nhie manuals. I took the nhie and failed can anyone send me info to study to pass the nhie? Williamcreedle@icloud.com. Thank you, I seriously need help.

William, here is another study guide you may want to study that has a practice test in it.
Good Luck!
NHIE study guide.pdf (1.9 MB)

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Thank you so much

Do you have any other info or direction you can point me to? Any words of wisdom for nhie prep?

Study the NHIE manuals, and the study guide I sent you. Remember the test will have more than one correct answer in many of the questions. You have to choose the BEST answer. Don’t pick the first correct answer you see.
Good Luck!

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Welcome to our forum, William!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Great… one last question. Where can I find on internachi the numerous test questions? I took the 120 test questions and passed several times, but when I went to take the nhie I didn’t see but a few from internachi.

You probably will not see the same questions from InterNACHI on the test or even the same questions from a study guide quiz. The test constantly changes. If you took it alongside another person, you would both have different tests.
It is not about memorizing the questions, it is about learning the material.