"A Base" Meter

This electric meter was on a 1953 build. The main electric service panel was a General Electric with a 125 amp service disconnect. What is the amp rating of this “A Base” meter? Also, there was no ground rod observed. Was the metal conduit typically used to ground this older electrical system?


Do you see that “CL200” on the meter. That is the meter class or amp rating.

Actually, that’s an S base meter in an A base adapter.
What size is the entrance conductor?
By the size of that conduit, I doubt that it’s a large enough wire to support a 125 amp main.

I agree. The panel was likely upgraded at some point.

40amps might be to much for the dryer.

Thanks Martin,

I did note that in the report about the 40 amp breaker for the dryer.

Just trying to find out the amps.

I see that you’ve added a photo of the inside of the panel, what is the size of the conductors feeding the main CB? 125 amps would require #2 copper conductors. Also this raceway seems larger than the one leaving the meter enclosure.


Is that concentric popped out where the service cables enter?