A big thank you to Bill Mullen.

Our recent international convention was a big hit in large part to CAHPI past president Bill Mullen.

Despite all the obstacles thrown in front of him he held tough and demonstrated to the world that two inspection trade associations can work together to the benefit of all.

Thanks Bill!

Thanks Nick and Bill for this .
It was great of NACHI to make this offer and good of Bill to follow up.
I hope this does continue in the future and works both ways.

Thanks Bill it was great meeting and talking with you!!!

It was a pleasure meeting everyone and just plain having a good time with other Home Inspectors.

Thanks to Nick, Dee, Chuck, Mario, John and many others for making me feel welcome.

Hopefully there will be some exciting announcements from Nick and me within the month.

Bill Mullen

Thank you, Bill. Looking forward to it.