CAPHI Past President and industry leader to be Keynote speaker at NACHI Convention.

I am pleased to announce that my friend and inspection industry leader Bill Mullen will be NACHI’s Keynote speaker at our upcoming convention

Bill is an RHI, CAHPI Past President and Project Coordinator of the National Certification Program Pilot Project.

Thanks Bill!

Gee I do believe Bill Mullen has put one over on NICK .
He has now till next May 5 Months to continue on with his Screw NACHI and all the NACHI members .
He and his secret society have not been giving much information for the last few years and said this spring that he was winning and we have to join CAHPI if we hope to make a living in Canada.
Knowing Bill Mullen and some of his group I am sorry but trust them is not in My vocabulary .
Why not give us the information so we can peruse it and have an idea where this is all going .

The CAHPI BB was closed down so information did not get out any who chalanged Bill on his Private Canuk BB where called FXXXX liares and removed .
I have many letters that Bill has sent out on his openion of NACHI and NICK and not one was nice and many where very filthy.
Sorry But I am very sure we are getting screwed and not kissed .


Roy…Wanna have some fun?

Have Mr. Mullen present you with your award (Canadian of the Year) at the convention.

Now that would be something to see!:wink:

You gotta love JB. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: LOL.

James you really went up in My Book.
Have no idea when or where the awards will be presented .
Thats a winner for sure.

Is the betting window open, and what are the odds?


I am game ,in spite of every thing I do like Bill Mullen , he was always a big help to me many years ago.


It appears that previous NACHI haters sometimes
want to participate with NACHI and Nick.

This makes them look like they have changed
their mind, or they are inconsistent fools.

It does not make NAHCI or Nick look bad.

Sooner or later they will ALL have to join.
Resistance is futile.